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PostPosted: 25/01/13 10:56 
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micky holtom - owner
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Good start to a new series last night.

Must get out early summer and try to catch a Tench.

Barbel are episode 5 . ... es-1535325


PostPosted: 25/01/13 12:04 
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paul whiteing - admin
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A couple of things grated (a bit) - centrepins have a ratchet OFF knob/lever; shame he took the rod off the lad, and lost the fish; the best fish were hardly Crabtree, with bite alarms and baitrunners.

But overall, a pleasant enough program.

Being picky, he should have mentioned that one ought not be more than 2 metres from rods at any time - the lad ran to his when he heard his alarm. We might all do it :whistle , but it is again "the rules"


PostPosted: 27/01/13 21:27 
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Hi men ,

Some nice shots , in these times could have done without the man hug , but thats a minor moan . The boy would have been a legend if as he took the rod he put his foot on his rse , and helped him reach out a bit more :b .


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