Richard Carter Avon Classic Centrepin £475.

4 1/2  inch 5/8ths drum width version with black anodised  finish, brasss starback  and line guard (removable).

This reel is in excellent condition following light careful use and comes with original box with certificate and receipt.

The reel has a sticker on inside of back plate confirming Richard Carter's address and phone number and is inscribed No 58 Dec '93.

This is a great reel for use or  your collection.

You are welcome to view or will post Royal Mail Special Delivery for £7.50.

PM or Phone 020 8374 8057 or 07967 802334. 

Neil (North London)

If you are interested the reel is the same as this recently sold ebay item but the brasswork has a less shiny, more naturally aged  appearance and the line guard mountings are rounded rather than flat-topped(no Golden Scale certificate)

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