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I bought the 29.5 inch version of the Rovex deep spoon landing net on ebay and really like it.

The frame is very light and strong with a solid alloy spreader block. The net is soft with quite large soft, freeflow mesh.

The size is almost identical to my Korum spoon but personally I prefer the soft mesh over the latex and I have much more confidence in the Rovex spreader. Apparently there is a bigger 31.5 inch version as well.

Mine cost £16 incl p&p and its my net of choice at the moment.


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Thanks for that useful review of the Rovex net Neil...very interesting. At the moment I am in a bit of a landing net hiatus. I have the large Korum spoon you mention, and struggle to cope with the pure size of it, having longish walks to my's like trying to pack a shed door onto your gear :lol I have several standard collapsible triangular nets from my carping side...but don't like the very broad, straight front that a triangular net necessarily has, it is very awkward to poke through undergrowth on some river swims (which is why I bought the spoon in the first place)

So...I started looking at folding spoons, which SHOULD give the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, I have several friends who have tried most of the folding spoons on offer, and they all suffer from weakness at the hinge and/or the spreader block due to poor design of the folding mechanism. When you look at the number of threads on numerous forums involving problems with either the landing nets themselves or the poles that go with can't help wondering why tackle manufacturers can't come up with something satisfactory, after all these years :rolleyes

Cheers, Dave.

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